Cook up automation recipes with VMware PowerCLI commands

- admin

If you’re a vSphere administrator, you may not be able to escape from the constant refrain to automate certain procedures so you are not manually fiddling with the same settings or endlessly pointing and clicking to execute the same tasks. Adding some VMware PowerCLI commands to your repertoire is a good first start; stringing these […]

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New Microsoft 365 and business applications technologies enable government to modernize for the mission

- Toni Townes-Whitley

Our government agencies have a unique opportunity to deliver massive impact on the lives of U.S. citizens – an impact that can be accelerated and emboldened by technology innovation. However, these same agencies are challenged to modernize and keep pace with the changing technology landscape, while simultaneously reducing costs, protecting data and meeting stringent compliance... The post New Micr

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Announcing new cloud-based technology to empower cyber defenders

- Ann Johnson

Cybersecurity is about people. The frontline defenders who stand between the promise of digital transformation and the daily reality of cyber-attacks need our help. At Microsoft, we’ve made it our mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. Today that mission is focused on defenders. We are unveiling two new... The post Announcing new cloud-based technology to e

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Microsoft at MWC Barcelona: Introducing Microsoft HoloLens 2

- Julia White

This evening at a press event to kickoff MWC Barcelona, I had the pleasure of joining CEO Satya Nadella and Technical Fellow Alex Kipman onstage to talk in depth about Microsoft’s worldview for the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. As part of today’s press event, we also introduced the world to HoloLens 2. YouTube Video The post Microsoft at MWC Barcelona: Introducing Microsoft HoloLens 2 ap

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Black History Month: A time to lift each other up

- Toni Townes-Whitley

As a child of “First to’s” (First African-American to command the U.S. Army Old Guard, First African-American to be selected National Elementary School Principal of the Year by President Bill Clinton), my family is deeply steeped in the history of African-American culture and civil rights in the United States, emanating from northern cities (Philadelphia, Pa.... The post Black History Month: A tim

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Microsoft for Healthcare: technology and collaboration for better experiences, insights and care

- Peter Lee

The healthcare industry’s leading minds are getting ready to educate, intrigue, and inspire attendees next week at the HIMSS19 conference—a leading healthcare IT event in the US. We expect to see many innovative ideas and solutions to the most prevalent and persistent challenges in modern health, and we are excited to show new technologies making... The post Microsoft for Healthcare: technology an

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Inspired and powered by partners

- Gavriella Schuster

$32 billion in revenue. That’s an incredible number that Satya Nadella and Amy Hood shared during the Q2 earnings call last week. Just as impressive is the commercial cloud revenue increase of 48 percent year-over-year to $9 billion. Did you know that 95 percent of Microsoft’s commercial revenue flows directly through our partner ecosystem? With... The post Inspired and powered by partners appeare

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From shopping to car design, our customers and partners spark innovation across every industry

- Judson Althoff

Judson Althoff visits Kroger’s QFC store in Redmond, WA, one of two pilot locations featuring connected customer experiences powered by Microsoft Azure and AI. Also pictured, Wesley Rhodes, Vice President of Technology Transformation at Kroger. Computing is embedded all around us. Devices are increasingly more connected, and the availability of data and information is greater... The post From shop

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Microsoft acquires Citus Data, re-affirming its commitment to Open Source and accelerating Azure PostgreSQL performance and scale

- Rohan Kumar

Data and analytics are increasingly at the center of digital transformation, with the most leading-edge enterprises leveraging data to drive customer acquisition and satisfaction, long-term strategic planning, and expansion into net new markets. This digital revolution is placing an incredible demand on technology solutions to be more open, flexible, and scalable to meet the demands... The post Mi

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Microsoft announces commitment to help affordable housing in the Puget Sound region

- Microsoft Corporate Blogs

In 1979, Microsoft made the Puget Sound region our home when the company’s first 30 employees moved into an office building next to The Burgermaster in Bellevue. Over the decades, we’ve grown from a small start-up to become one of the world’s leading technology companies. And along the way, the entire region’s economy has diversified... The post Microsoft announces commitment to help affordable ho

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Teaming up to help journalism thrive in the digital age

- Frank X. Shaw

As part of our mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, Microsoft recognizes not just the fundamental need for a free press, but also the fundamental need for the free press to adapt to how people seek information. Technology has empowered citizens to find, create and share information in... The post Teaming up to help journalism thrive in the digital age app

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