Cook up automation recipes with VMware PowerCLI commands

- admin

If you’re a vSphere administrator, you may not be able to escape from the constant refrain to automate certain procedures so you are not manually fiddling with the same settings or endlessly pointing and clicking to execute the same tasks. Adding some VMware PowerCLI commands to your repertoire is a good first start; stringing these […]

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It’s back to school and back to innovation with free tools for student developers

- Charlotte Yarkoni

It sneaks up on me every year. One minute, my family is fully ensconced in summer break, the next we’re deep into school supply lists and pre-work to prep for the first day back. This year, as I’ve helped my own students get ready to go back to school, I’ve been thinking about all the... The post It’s back to school and back to innovation with free tools for student developers appeared first on Th

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Microsoft expands its automotive partner ecosystem to power the future of mobility

- Sanjay Ravi

Technology can help automotive companies transform into smart mobility services providers Karl Benz and Henry Ford revolutionized transportation with the initial development and mass production of the automobile. Now, more than a century later, the automotive industry is poised to transform transportation again, with a push to develop connected, personalized and autonomous driving experiences, ele

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The Intelligent Edge revolution

- Kevin Scott

I’m old enough now to have experienced several distinct waves of transformation brought by digital technology. As a kid, the personal computing revolution captured my imagination and energy with gaming and programming and new ways to create and do work. As a young adult, personal computers were everywhere and the internet and the World Wide... The post The Intelligent Edge revolution appeared firs

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Microsoft acquires jClarity to help optimize Java workloads on Azure

- John Montgomery

The jClarity team, with the backing of Microsoft, will continue to collaborate with the AdoptOpenJDK community and the Java ecosystem to foster the progress of the platform. The post Microsoft acquires jClarity to help optimize Java workloads on Azure appeared first on The Official Microsoft Blog.

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Microsoft and Jio: Accelerating India’s digital progress

- Anant Maheshwari

Today we announced a comprehensive long-term alliance with Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (Jio), a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. This is an exciting advancement that will accelerate India’s digital transformation and bring the latest technologies to millions of businesses across the country. This alliance represents a unique collaboration between our two organizations. Jio has transfor

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Harnessing the power of AI to transform agriculture

- Jean-Philippe Courtois

What did you have for breakfast today? Depending on where you are reading this, you may have started your morning with coffee and pastries; a smoothie and sourdough toast; perhaps a bowl of congee. Or maybe you skipped it altogether because you were in a hurry. Whatever you chose to do, you probably did not... The post Harnessing the power of AI to transform agriculture appeared first on The Offic

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IoT Signals report: IoT’s promise will be unlocked by addressing skills shortage, complexity and security

- Sam George

Today we’re launching a new annual report – IoT Signals – that provides an industry pulse on the state of IoT adoption to help inform how we better serve our partners and customers, as well as help business leaders in development of their own IoT strategies. We surveyed more than 3,000 IoT decision-makers in enterprise organizations to give the industry a holistic, market-level view of the IoT eco

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Microsoft acquires BlueTalon, simplifying data privacy and governance across modern data estates

- Rohan Kumar

Today we are excited to announce the acquisition of BlueTalon, a leading provider of Unified Data Access Control solutions for modern data platforms. BlueTalon works with leading Fortune 100 companies to eliminate data security blind spots and gain visibility and control of data. BlueTalon provides a customer-proven, data-centric solution for data access management and auditing across the diverse

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Looking back, looking ahead: Customers are driving capabilities for their business and people

- Judson Althoff

This week in Las Vegas, at Microsoft Inspire, our annual partner event, I had several conversations about  the year we’ve had and what is next for the industry, including opportunities to bring the latest innovations to our mutual customers. Together we are building incredible momentum, truly transforming industries and redefining the art of what is... The post Looking back, looking ahead: Custome

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Harnessing the power of AI to transform healthcare

- Jean-Philippe Courtois

One of the many remarkable things about artificial intelligence is that while we tend to think of it as something that will have a big effect in the not-too-distant future, it is already transforming people’s lives in profound and powerful ways today. In factories and warehouses, AI is improving workplace safety by scanning thousands of... The post Harnessing the power of AI to transform healthcar

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