Cook up automation recipes with VMware PowerCLI commands

- admin

If you’re a vSphere administrator, you may not be able to escape from the constant refrain to automate certain procedures so you are not manually fiddling with the same settings or endlessly pointing and clicking to execute the same tasks. Adding some VMware PowerCLI commands to your repertoire is a good first start; stringing these […]

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Imagining the future from an alternative perspective

- Mitra Azizirad

What do you believe creates our future? We believe it’s imagination. Take a moment to imagine with us. What if the clothes you wear could be both beautiful and alert you to increases in harmful pollution? What if cloud technologies based on optics could make datacenters more affordable and more sustainable? What if we could... The post Imagining the future from an alternative perspective appeared

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Tallying the momentous growth and continued expansion of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform

- Judson Althoff

We’ve seen incredible growth of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform just in the past year. This momentum is driving a massive investment in people and breakthrough technologies that will empower organizations to transform in the next decade. We have allocated hundreds of millions of dollars in our business cloud that power business transformation across... The post Tallying the momentous growth an

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The Microsoft Diversity and Inclusion Report reveals momentum and learnings for the future

- Lindsay-Rae McIntyre

Today, I’m sharing the progress we’re making toward our goal to increase diversity at Microsoft globally. Our 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Report is our most comprehensive to date, and reflects our data, our journey, our learnings, and our employees’ stories. With this year’s report, we renew our commitment to our mission to consciously and intentionally... The post The Microsoft Diversity and Inc

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Bringing autonomous systems to engineers: Taking a leap from the digital world of games to the real world

- Harry Shum

Imagine an autonomous vehicle navigating a smoke-filled mine looking for survivors, personal belongings or any other clues to find anyone who might be alive. It identifies objects it sees and decides which paths to take first. As it reaches the limit of where it can explore, a drone sitting on the vehicle flies off to... The post Bringing autonomous systems to engineers: Taking a leap from the dig

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Microsoft Ignite 2019: Delivering secure and intelligent tools and services for the enterprise

- Frank X. Shaw

Today we live in a world where every company is a software company, and technology is deeply woven throughout company workflow and individual productivity. In this world, the role of IT and developers is becoming increasingly important, and that is why we are so excited to welcome more than 26,000 IT implementers and decision makers, developers, data professionals and other... The post Microsoft I

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Unlocking opportunities in the next frontier of IoT

- Sam George

We live in an increasingly connected world. I commute to work in a connected car, one that gets over-the-air updates with new experiences. I’m connected to my work and personal life in real time with my smartphone and laptop. And I work in a connected office, one that knows how to automatically save energy and... The post Unlocking opportunities in the next frontier of IoT appeared first on The Of

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Customers are shaping industries in groundbreaking ways: How the cloud is democratizing digital to unlock a new wave of innovation

- Judson Althoff

I have been talking a lot this year about democratizing digital. It is about empowering everyone to have a digital experience and enabling everyone to participate in the digital economy. This trend is large-scale, with broad business and social impact. This was clear earlier this month at the Microsoft Government Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C.... The post Customers are shaping industries in gr

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Microsoft acquires Mover to simplify and speed file migration to Microsoft 365

- Jeff Teper

I’m excited to announce that Microsoft has acquired Mover, a leading provider of cloud file migration, including admin-led and self-service offerings. As customer demand to move content to the cloud continues to grow, Mover will help make it easier than ever for customers to migrate files to Microsoft 365. Our goal is to help customers... The post Microsoft acquires Mover to simplify and speed fil

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New cloud migration pairing offers enhanced customer experience

- Judson Althoff

From working together to create a trusted path to digital transformation in the cloud, to simplifying and accelerating cloud journeys through a shared commitment under the Project Embrace program, the SAP and Microsoft partnership continues to power business transformation for enterprise customers. Today’s announcement marks another exciting milestone in our longstanding partnership. Through a new

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Empowering women founders through investment

- Peggy Johnson

Today, I’m proud to announce the second Female Founders Competition, a global contest to identify and fund top women entrepreneurs who are leading enterprise tech startups. This year, Microsoft’s venture fund, M12, is partnering with Mayfield and Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company founded by Melinda Gates, to help create a more equitable playing... The post Empowering women fou

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