Cloud Computing & Hosting

When your organization reaches a point where its existing IT infrastructure no longer supports its business needs, consider adopting cloud services.

Cloud Services are IT services that are delivered to your organization through the internet. Cloud services can replace traditional servers and IT services that your organization uses for its daily business processes. Cloud Services are more flexible and affordable that traditional IT services and will grow with your organization as it matures.

With more than fifteen years of experience supporting organizations like yours, DataDistinct understands how critical it is that IT systems are available at all times. DataDistinct also knows how costly IT hardware and services can be. That’s why DataDistinct has invested in developing Cloud Services which are affordable and scalable.

Cloud Servers

DataDistinct Cloud Servers are fully managed virtual servers that provide your organization with the processing power it needs for its critical business applications without the price tag associated with traditional hardware.


Don’t waste money investing in expensive hardware.

When your organization needs to invest in expensive new servers and software, don’t do it. Instead, move your servers to the cloud.

Cloud servers are affordable and scalable

DataDistinct Cloud Servers can reduce your organization’s need to invest in expensive hardware and software while increasing guaranteed server uptime. DataDistinct’s Cloud Servers are built on Microsoft Operating systems and have configurable RAM and storage options. Our enterprise-grade Cloud Servers are fully managed and include system and file backup, patch management, remote monitoring, event log tracking and technical support. With DataDistinct Cloud Servers, your organization has access to cutting edge server technologies without footing the bill for purchasing the hardware and software or worrying about budgeting for replacing technology as it ages. Contact us for more information.

Flexible Deployment and Scalability

Anytime your organization needs a new Cloud Server, we can quickly deploy one that is customized to meet specified needs. Because your organization’s business needs may change, our Cloud Server solutions are scalable—only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Trust that your organization’s data will be protected

Our Cloud Servers are hosted in our secure private cloud datacenter. Our datacenter is SOC 1 / SOC 2 compliant and is housed within the United States. Each Cloud Server has its own dedicated firewall, allocated RAM, disk space and bandwidth. With DataDistinct Cloud Servers, you can trust that your data is as secure as it would be housed on physical hardware located at your business site.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

DataDistinct Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services provide your organization with a scalable, secure offsite location to store critical business data.


Protect your organization with a Business Continuity Plan.

Your organization’s data is important. In the event of a primary IT system failure, can your organization trust that its onsite backup solution will work the way it should? Even if you do trust your onsite backup solution, what will your organization do in the event that its IT systems are physically damaged due to flood, fire or some other calamity?

Ensure that your organization has access to IT resources.

DataDistinct’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services are designed to ensure that your organization has access to its important files in the event that they are needed. Our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution starts out by backing up critical data on an on-premise device which is then replicated to a SOC 1 / SOC 2 datacenter. With this approach, your organization can quickly restore files and folders from the local backup device or the cloud.

Recovering from an Incident or Disaster

In the event that your onsite backup fails, our Cloud Backups are designed to meet your Disaster Recovery needs. Our dedicated team of experts will setup, configure, and monitor all backups. We will test backup images regularly to ensure that they are working properly. In the event that your organization needs to recover from a disaster or data loss we will quickly and effectively restore your data.

Cloud Business Continuity

DataDistinct Cloud Business Continuity services ensure that your organization can continue business operations if your primary information systems are damaged.


When even an hour of IT system downtime can cost your organization more than it can afford to lose, what will your organization do in the event that a natural disaster destroys its IT systems completely?

With anDataDistinct Cloud Business Continuity solution, you organization can trust that it will have access to critical business information and IT systems that are necessary to support primary business tasks at a secondary business site.

Customizable Solutions

Our customizable Cloud Business Continuity solutions will have your organization up and running within a window of time that your organization identifies as appropriate. Whether your timeline is system restoration in a couple hours or a couple of days, DataDistinct can make sure it happens.

Because our flexible Cloud Business Continuity solutions are internet-based and not tied to a particular physical location, we can restore IT systems anywhere your organization needs them. Contact us.

Depending on your organization’s unique needs, we can transfer cloud-based data to an already established secondary business site. Or, if your organization needs an emergency secondary site set up, we can lease and set up a temporary business site until your primary site is available.

Cloud Hosted Exchange

DataDistinct Cloud Hosted Exchange services make your email system more affordable by reducing administrative overhead and investments in costly hardware.


Because your organization depends upon its email systems to carry out communications with customers, colleagues, and partners, it needs a reliable email system with guaranteed uptime.

Unfortunately, traditional email systems with built in redundancies that prevent system downtime can be expensive when hardware, software and support costs are factored. Instead of a traditional, on-premise email solution, consider DataDistinct Cloud Hosted Exchange.

Ensure that your organization can communicate and collaborate 24/7.

With DataDistinct Hosted Exchange, your organization gains access to tradition email services plus collaborative tools. In addition to sending and receiving email to individuals and groups, your organization can view and share contact lists and calendars, manage tasks, and more.

Trust that email access is always available.

Because your staff doesn’t sit still, it needs mobile, access-anywhere email. Our Hosted Exchange solution is accessible anytime and anywhere there is internet connectivity. Hosted Exchange email is accessible via a browser or Outlook Web access. With our wireless email synchronization services, email is also available on your portable, internet-enabled smart tablets and phones.

Know that email is secure and backed up.

Your Cloud Hosted Exchange solution is housed in DataDistinct’s four SOC 1 / SOC 2 compliant tier-4 data centers that are housed on U.S. soil. Your Hosted Exchange data and services are housed in a fully clustered and redundantly backed up environment to ensure that your organization always has access to its critical email services.

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