Company Profile

DataDistinct is a worldwide manage services provider Company mainly focusing on providing Distinct solutions & services in, networking, Databases, desktop computing and Telecommunication. We take our client’s needs and assignment and walk them thorough Design, Implementation and Maintenance phases of their distinguished projects Worldwide. (USA, Canada, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan).

As a leading technology consulting company with an international and local reach we are able to negotiate better pricing from key suppliers.

Our local presence means we’re available to you with immediate response and 24X7x365.

Through one of our local offices in your area, you’ll receive best solution for your IT and Telecom network, including:

  1.  Telecom Services
  2. Management & Auditing
  3. Implementation
  4. Maintenance
  5. Desktop Computing and Network Consulting
  6. Database administration, planning and designing
  7. Hardware Support

Technology & Solutions

Infrastructure & Capacity Growth

Drive data growth with a strategic plan As your data grows, you need a flexible and cost-effective server soluti

Server Monitoring 24×7

DataDistinct offers remote monitoring through industry leading tools and DBA’s support to manage mission & business critical SQL da