Infrastructure& IT Virtualization

We help you to optimize and redefine not only your management processes but partial to total IT infrastructure solutions and services, virtualize and consolidate servers, and do the same for networking, storage and security, at your own pace, with letting your organization take advantage of the benefits that virtualization offers.


We are the partners of world leading firm in virtualization VMware, Our experienced team and technical individuals have a tremendous amount of hand on experience & examples with reducing data centers cost and footprints includes cooling and power optimization, enabling you get the most out of your server and storage Virtualization efforts. We facilitate and encourage virtualization across all layers of an enterprise because of its fluid, instant and secure nature.

Our solutions are also tailored to your specific needs. We bring the knowledge of deploying, implementing, and supporting virtual IT infrastructure & environment for many of our clients.

With our VMware powered virtualized solutions and services, our clients achieve the maximum flexibility of their IT organizations from an efficient and swift virtual environment. This realizes the maximum value of assets at the lowest total cost.

Software Defined Data Center

We are the specialized and certified by VMWare to design developer and maintain VMWare powered software defined data centers. We will help you to design build and transform from traditional IT to virtualize infrastructure by using vSphere, NSX and vSAN component. In next level we will take you to Cloud and will give tool, software to manage see and reduce cost in IT operation, capital expense.


Technology & Solutions

Infrastructure & Capacity Growth

Drive data growth with a strategic plan As your data grows, you need a flexible and cost-effective server soluti

Server Monitoring 24×7

DataDistinct offers remote monitoring through industry leading tools and DBA’s support to manage mission & business critical SQL da