Database Development

DataDistinct offers complete life cycle of database design & development for new or existing systems. Our Development team has experience with a variety of databases solutions including healthcare, financial, insurance and retail database systems. 

At DataDistinct, we offer extensive experience in development cycle to build & optimize custom standalone large scale database solutions. Our technical team has hard core experience of developing normalized databases and database applications – which includes both client-server and web-based database applications. Experts team work with client to find out their objectives, needs and requirements and develop business centric, robust and secure solution to implement which will allow applications to retrieve and store data efficiently.

Our expertise lies in:

  • Database design, development & programming
  • Database upgrade, integration. Optimization , tunning
  • Database Encryption ,compression  and partitioning techniques
  • Database change control & deployment process
  • Implement sql Coding standards
  • Design & Implement availability topologies (Replication, Mirroring , Log shipping)
  • Custom PowerShell script to automate admin and development tasks.

Deepening on needs and requirement, we will help you select the right database technology & infrastructure in order to develop your custom application.
Whether you need a database driven web site or a full-featured, large-scale database driven system, we can offer you high end database development solutions and services, which are custom built and tailored to meet your specific needs


Technology & Solutions

Infrastructure & Capacity Growth

Drive data growth with a strategic plan As your data grows, you need a flexible and cost-effective server soluti

Server Monitoring 24×7

DataDistinct offers remote monitoring through industry leading tools and DBA’s support to manage mission & business critical SQL da